Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama


The expedition trio discovered that the rumored life-saving Luo Chenzhu became the funerary of the tomb of the king of the ancient Dian Kingdom. They went deep into the miasma land to explore the story of the trail of the Luo Chenzhu. According to a human skin map, the three of them passed through the secret underground waterway of the ancient Dian Kingdom under the Zhalong Mountain. Unexpectedly, they encountered a thousand-year-old scumming organ. Thousands of “scumbags” made by slaves hung upside down on the ceiling of the cave like bombs. One after another fell into the water, but it triggered a series of weak and strong food, one thing fell one thing; the “SOS” code appeared in the jungle at night, it was caused by the resentment of the flying tiger team members who were once buried here, or set by the high priest who presented the king.

Season 01
Episode 01 — [][Download][]

Episode 02 — [][Download][]
Episode 03 — [][Download][]
Episode 04 — [][Download][]
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Episode 07 — [][Download][]
Episode 08 — [][Download][]
Episode 09 — [][Download][]
Episode 10 — [][Download][]
Episode 11 — [][Download][]
Episode 12 — [][Download][]
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Episode 14 — [][Download][]
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