Crime Crackdown

Genre: Crime


As a front-line criminal policeman, Li Chengyang was constantly hit by the umbrella, framed by the evil forces, and even his boss, the chief of public security and others framed him in order to prevent him from investigating, causing him to be jailed and finally in the middle. Freedom was regained under the command and leadership of the political commissar and the central supervision group. Later, he joined forces with various departments of the Public Security, Procuratorate and Justice Department to wipe out the two big underworld groups that had been entrenched in Zhongjiang for more than ten years, and used the underworld to protect and corrupt government officials. Bringing to justice will restore a clean political ecology in Zhongjiang’s political arena and a clean social environment for the people in Zhongjiang.

Season 01
Episode 01 — [][Download][]

Episode 02 — [][Download][]
Episode 03 — [][Download][]
Episode 04 — [][Download][]
Episode 05 — [][Download][]
Episode 06 — [][Download][]
Episode 07 — [][Download][]
Episode 08 — [][Download][]
Episode 09 — [][Download][]
Episode 10 — [][Download][]

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