Jun Jiu Ling

Genre: Drama, Romance


In the sixth year of Tianyou, Zhizong collapses, and the princess Chu Jiu Ling questions her uncle for usurping the throne. After experiencing a series of sudden changes such as family destruction and death, Jiu Ling makes up her mind to find out the secrets of Zezhou, expose the truth about her father’s murder, and protect her loved ones. With the help of Zhu Zan, a prince of Chengguo, Jiu Ling persists in helping the world and saving people, and constantly fights against the harassment and attacks of traitors. She establishes Jiu Ling Tang, a medical center, to treat diseases and protect the people. At the same time, Zhu Zan and Qinggui’s Ning Yun Zhao, ex-husband Lu Yun Qi, and Fang Cheng Yu, the only son of the Fang family, become involved in a vortex of emotions centered on Jiu Ling. Who is Jiu Ling’s true prince? Only destiny and time will tell…

Season 01
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Episode 12 — [][Download][]
Episode 13 — [][Download][]
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Episode 17 — [][Download][]
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