Justice League Vs. Teen Titans 2016

Genre: Action, Animation


The Justice League battle the Legion of Doom (Lex Luthor, Toymaster, Weather Wizard, Cheetah (comics) and Solomon Grundy (comics)). Weather Wizard flees when his comrades are beaten, but becomes possessed by the shade of Trigon (comics)’s minions. Damian Wayne (Damian Wayne) disobeys Batman orders to get civilians to safety, thinking he can help the Justice League fight the possessed Weather Wizard, and sets the Batwing to crash into Weather Wizard and explode, defeating him and forcing Trigon’s shade to leave his body. Upset that there’s no answer to this occurrence, and in order for his son to learn teamwork, Batman sends Robin to join the Teen Titans. Meanwhile, Trigon’s minion possesses Superman, plaguing him with visions of demonic shadows.

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