Creator: Howard Overman
Stars: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Iwan Rheon and Lauren Socha
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 12 November 2009
Runtime: 60 min

A group of young offenders doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers. New gang members Finn and Jess zip up the iconic orange jumpsuits for their first day of community service and meet their probation worker. Things turn peculiar when a man stumbles into the centre with a briefcase and a power that infects them both. The truth unravels in a series of tense flashbacks and they realise that there is more to the job than scrubbing off graffiti and picking up litter.


Misfits S01E01.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S01E02.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S01E03.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S01E04.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S01E05.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S01E06.480p.mkv 


Misfits S02E01.480p.mkv

Misfits S02E02.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S02E03.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S02E04.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S02E05.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S02E06.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S02E07.480p.mkv          


Misfits S03E00.480p.mkv                                
Misfits S03E01.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S03E02.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S03E03.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S03E04.480p.mkv                                
Misfits S03E05.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S03E06.480p.mkv                                
Misfits S03E07.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S03E08.480p.mkv      



Misfits S04E01.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E02.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E03.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E04.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E05.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E06.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E07.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S04E08.480p.mkv   


Misfits S05E01.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E02.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E03.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E04.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E05.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E06.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E07.480p.mkv                               
Misfits S05E08.480p.mkv

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