My Heroic Husband

Genre: Historical ٬ Business ٬ Comedy ٬ Romance

: China from Tencent Video Network, iQiyi
Language: Mandarin
Director: Deng Ke

: Guo Qi Lin – Song Yi – Olivia Jiang

Heroine Ning Yi one’s background is slightly cold, however from beginning to end positive enterprising, from compose poem, from business, to learn martial arts, Qi, from the initial ease to spend the tauntuse, gradually assume more responsibility, help Su Tan son to start a business together, the friends and relatives who help the side again realized respective ideal, aid people hardship, grant a person to fish. After the face of domestic affairs, Ning Yi and a group of people repeatedly in danger, but ultimately rely on courage and wisdom to protect the city of Lin An. Just as the saying goes, “a small verbous husband is a big world”, Ning Yi has grown from a verbous husband who just wants to do things by himself to a person with a real mind for the world. The other characters also have their own growth, and finally contribute their own strength to the big situation.

Season 01

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