The Blessed Girl

Name: Holy Girl
: adventure, historical, romantic, fantasy, mythical
: China from Tencent Video and Mango TV
Language: Mandarin
Director: Shi Lei
: Zhao Jin Mai, Huan Hong

In a mysterious and unknown continent named “Suchuan”, there are many beautiful legends of mythology. A catastrophe caused the gods to fall, and Suchuan was thrown into chaos. After many years, the young monarch Yuan Yi ascends to the throne and vows to end the troubled times. Yuan Yi believed that the source of chaos was the falling of the gods. He fled the imperial city and found a girl named Ling Long, who possesses a strong spiritual power of the god. Ling Long and her father, Chi Xin, lived in a remote village. Although Ling Long lost her mother since young, she is independent and outstanding. At the request of Yuan Yi, Chi Xin left the village with Ling Long and Yuan Yi and embarked on an adventure to save Suchuan. Evil can never rival justice, and the trio finally defeated the power of evil and led Suchuan to a beautiful new era.

Season 01

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